Majlis Pembukaan Khatan 2023

We are grateful to all of the circumcised individuals who attended yesterday’s opening ceremony of Ar-Ridzuan Hospital in a safe and successful manner on December 17, 2023. 50 people were successfully did the circumcised. and they were led in a large procession by fire water fountains and rattles. We also thank the members of the…

Health Screening at Maktab Rendah Sains MARA (MRSM)

Thank you MRSM Parit for the invitation for the Health Check on all the teaching staff and also the staff of MRSM Parit. A total of 100 people have been involved in the health check-up to ensure that all teachers and staff are in good condition while on duty. Some people have also successfully registered…

Free Health Screening at Felcra Negeri Perak

A total of 100 employees in the management department of Felcra Sdn Bhd have done a health check-up to find out their health conditions. The program has been very well received. almost all workers have registered themselves for further examination to present themselves at ar-ridzuan hospital.